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Who We Are

Meeting people where they are,


To advance education and awareness of pragmatic approaches to less harmful substance use, mental health, and other harms impacting people and communities in Canada.


Our vision is twofold:


(1) When cessation approaches fail, or are not chosen, people who use substances, and those who can support them, have knowledge of less harmful options. 

(2) People affected by mental health and other harms have supporters around them who have awareness of their situations and can offer increased, meaningful support.


  • Autonomous choice 

  • Meeting people where they are at

  • Judgement-free 

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Research-driven

  • Collaboration


Evidence-based policy and regulation for addictive substances that supports integrated reduced harm approaches

The Less Harmful Coalition (Canada) delivers education and advocacy for pragmatic approaches to substance use. We do this by:


(1) organizing events that bring together subject matter experts, people with lived experiences, health care practitioners, researchers and policy influencers; 

(2) sharing research and resources to provide evidence-based information to practitioners and other relevant support systems; and

(3) working with stakeholders from the community, public and private sectors to advance less harmful products and approaches for those who choose to use substances.


The Coalition believes progress is made when all stakeholder perspectives are considered and evidence-based information is shared. Conversations about substance use, mental health and other harms are dynamic and complex. Together, we can find common ground and provide safer alternatives for all Canadians.

Our Supporters

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